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Member Criteria:

The Music Business Network is an exclusive and private music and entertainment industry networking, career development, and educational community. Prospective members must meet the following criteria: be an entertainment industry professional or company, student of the music and/or entertainment industries, or a musician; have a demonstrated passion for, skill in, and knowledge of the music and entertainment industry; want to actively participate in the growth of theirs and Others’ respective careers; possess strong written and verbal (English) communication skills; be outgoing and personable; and have strong relationship management and interpersonal skills.

Membership Information:

There are 3 main types of members of The Network (Start Me Up, On The Rise, & Battle Tested). Battle Tested member types are screened and others are charged for admission into The Network. Until our new site launches there is no fee to join The Network. In order to join at this time you must be willing to be a beta-tester for our new site. You will receive a discount code (and not be charged) upon successful registration and profile completion. Please follow this link if you are interested in participating in our site’s re-development.

Paid Memberships:

The current and recurring charge (upon the launch of our new site) for membership is $199 per year for “Start Me Up” memberships and $99 per year for “On The Rise” memberships. “Battle Tested,” Companies and Industry Professionals must contact The Network for admission so they may be screened for reliability and reputability. Rather than being charged a membership fee they are expected to contribute content on a monthly basis to the community. We do this in order to have the best and brightest minds involved in The Network so they may assist the members we believe will benefit the most from their involvement. If an individual or company registers for a “Battle Tested,” membership without contacting The Network they risk paying a $5,000 non-refundable membership fee and being immediately ejected and blackballed from The Network (per our Terms & Conditions in conjunction with our Members Code of Conduct).

Screened Memberships:

Battle Tested applicants are admitted after extensive evaluation and investigation of personal information submitted to The Network during the registration process. We do this to ensure the quality of services offered and delivered to others members meet our high standards. The Network also evaluates each applicant’s credentials to determine their fit with The Network’s mission and goals. The Network’s membership team works very hard to ensure a fair and consistent review for all applicants. Our review process is holistic, meaning we consider many factors when evaluating each membership application. Not all individuals will qualify for membership and The Network reserves the right to deny any individual or company membership.

Membership Terms & Conditions:

These basic guidelines must be followed by all members and will be strictly enforced by The Network. If it is found that a member has violated The Membership Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to immediately suspend or terminate said member’s membership. If membership is terminated due to a violation of The Code or Terms & Conditions, no refunds (in part or in whole) will be issued to the terminated member. All members are expected to fully cooperate in any and all violation and misconduct investigations. Once a membership has been terminated it can not be re-activated at any point in time. The terminated member will be banned indefinitely.

The current and recurring annual membership charge is $199 per year for the “Start Me Up” membership type and a $99 for the “On The Rise” membership type. There is no membership fee for “Battle Tested” memberships at this time. All “On The Rise” and “Battle Tested” members are required to contribute content to the community on a monthly basis in lieu of paying a full membership fee. The Network reserves the right to reduce or increase the membership fee at any time. If your membership is still valid and a price increase or decrease has been imposed you will not receive a refund or be charged an additional amount (based on the new membership price) for the difference. You will be charged the new membership fee upon renewal of your membership. Memberships expire one year after registration. Please Note: Your membership does not enable you to attend any of The Network’s events for free IF you don’t register to attend in advance. Your membership guarantees you a free event admission for advanced RSVPs.

Memberships expire if a member’s contact information has changed but has not been updated on the Site within six months of that change and they can also expire due to lack of Site use occurring over a twelve month period. We do not issue memberships to anyone under the age of eighteen (this includes companies owned by individuals under eighteen years of age). Memberships are non-transferrable between individuals and/or companies.

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