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Internship & Job Posting Requirements & Information

If you are a member of The Music Business Network and are interested in obtaining interns (to help advance your Company’s mission and goals, as well as, to assist in the training of music industry professionals of the future) please fill out the following “Job and Internship Request Posting Form” and email it to The Music Business Network.  Your internship or job posting (after having been approved) will be posted on The Music Business Network’s website and will be blasted out to all of our social networks, as well as, through the NYU music and entertainment program list-servs.

** Please note that this opportunity is only open to companies within the network and NOT artists.**


Job and Internship Request Posting Form

Please complete and send to The Music Business Network (be sure to include in your submission when you would like these positions filled by).


The Job Hunt Focus Group Initiative

It’s tough getting a job in the music industry….especially the right one. Searching for a full time job is extremely frustrating so we decided to create job hunt focus groups.

How The Program Works:

The job hunt focus groups are small groups consisting of 3-4 individuals who are currently seeking employment. Everyone in the job hunt focus groups would meet up in a coffee shop or some similar type of place and bring their laptops or tablets with them.  Each member of the focus group would then express what types of jobs they’re looking for to eachother. Each person in the focus group would be hunting for jobs that they want BUT if they come across a job that one of the other focus group participants would potentially be interested in they’d send that job over to them for review. If no one in the focus group is interested in the job the person in the group who found the posting would then create a brief posting for inclusion/promotion on The Music Business Network’s website – this way the work that everyone’s doing can be beneficial to others who are in the same position as them and it just builds good will and karma all around for everyone.

We decided to do this for a few different reasons. They are listed below for your review and convenience.
1.) Job hunting alone is frustrating and sometimes depressing BUT if you do it with other people you get the social interaction that you would have if you were employed and a bit of support because you’re with people who are in the same boat as you.
2.) Working with other people who are in the same job hunt situation would expedite the finding/getting a job process (as 3-4 people are collectively working with eachother to find jobs rather than going at it alone). This would also get everyone out of their house and provides the social interaction that solo job hunting doesn’t provide and (as another benefit) it also helps people build good networking relationships with other focus group members.

3.) Everyone looks at different career sites and each participant in the focus group(s) would be able to share their resources with one another.

**PLEASE NOTE: These focus groups are only open to those who are seeking jobs in the music industry. Please contact us at: for more information about how to participate.**


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