Active participation by members is a vital ingredient that drives The Network. As a member, you agree to be an active community participant in The Network. If another member contacts you, you’re expected to respond within a reasonable and timely manner. The Network was created to assist others in achieving their career goals. Lack of community participation or response to others’ inquiries directed to you fails to advance The Network’s mission. If members don’t participate and engage with others, their membership becomes ineffective and said member becomes a liability to other members.


There are many ways you can contribute to The Music Business Network Community. Become more active today!!!

Our Music Biz Search Directory

We’re in the era of the DIY artist and it is far more difficult to succeed today than ever before. As an company, focused on professional development, we currently have a search function (through our LinkedIn group and through directly contacting us via email) and will have an amazing, in depth, search function on our new website. Since all Members are screened, you will be directed to the people you really need to know in order to succeed.

The Job Hunt Focus Group Initiative

It’s tough getting a job in the music industry….especially the right one. Searching for a full time job is extremely frustrating so we decided to create job hunt focus groups. The job hunt focus groups consist of individuals who are currently seeking employment in the music industry. Everyone in the job hunt focus groups post 5-6 opportunities (that they come across during their job search each week) to the “Jobs” section of The Music Business Network’s LinkedIn Group.

Article Writers & Photographers

Have something to say? Just published a new article? Saw an awesome show and took awesome pictures? We’ll post them on our site for you.  We highly encourage you going out to Network member artists’ shows, taking pictures, reviewing their shows and albums and sharing your thoughts and experiences with the rest of The Network’s members.

Discussion Board/Forums

We want to know what you have to say. Start a discussion (in The Music Business Network’s LinkedIn Group) about questions you have about the music industry, current trends, industry hot button topics, etc…  to develop deeper connections and engage in intelligent debates with other members.

Help Educate Others While Educating Yourself

Hosting a webinar? Posted a new “How To” video on YouTube? Did you come across industry information that you think other members of The Network might find useful? Send the educational videos and materials you’ve created or found over to us and we’ll post it to our YouTube channel.

Please Note: We will be offering a plethora of new activities, educational information and promotional opportunities on our new website.

Good Karma. Great People. Get Active.