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Are you looking for additional promotion for your music industry endeavors? Let The Music Business Network help spread the word! We will create a featured post for you on The Music Business Network’s website and blast it out to all of our social networks (at no cost to you). IF you are interested in having The Network promote your company or band, please send us the following information (via email) in a PDF or MS Word document.

Informational Requirements For Obtaining Promotion Through The Music Business Network

**Please provide us with at least 2 weeks lead time to promote your endeavors**

You Will Need To Send The Following Information:

  • Company or Band pictures
  • Band/Artist Bios or Information Summarizing What Your Company Does
  • Press Releases
  • What You would like promoted and posted about your band or company (ex. events, free downloads, new album releases, new service offerings, current service offerings, special deals, etc…)
  • Any other pertinent information that you feel should be included in the post
  • Your contact information (or your company’s contact information)
    • Please include all of you website links (including all social networks that your band or company is on), email address, phone number, and the name of the most appropriate individual to contact

Additional Promotional Offerings:


If you are a Music Business Network member artist or band and would like additional promotion for your music, we will gladly promote your music on The Network’s MySpace site. If you are interested in obtaining this promotion please email your tracks (with all pertinent information about them) to The Network with a brief note stating that you consent to us promoting your music via The Network’s MySpace music page.

Promotional Tips From The Music Business Network:

Promotional Tip #1: Embark on A Link Building Campaign

Did you know that embarking on a link building campaign can help increase your digital presence? A link building campaign is a link swap, meaning that your website address is posted (permanently) on a website and you post that website’s link on your website. The purpose of doing a link swap is that it increases your ranking in search engines (thereby increasing your overall digital presence). The Music Business Network is dedicated to helping its members attain their career goals.

If you would like to arrange a link swap with The Network please send us an email with the following information:

  • A Description of Your Band, Company or Website
  • A Link To Your Site
  • What “Blog Roll” Category your website belongs in (please reference our current categories and feel free to suggest a new one if you feel as though your endeavors have not been represented by those categories)

Please Post The Following Information (as applicable) On Behalf of The Music Business Network on Your Site (to complete the link swap process)

Once you have sent us the above listed information and we have confirmation of The Music Business Network’s presence on your site your link will be posted on The Network’s website.

Promotional Tip #2: Domain Names

Make sure your company or band’s website has a .com domain name. Why should you do this?? .Com domain names are indexed higher in search engines (over other domains such as: .net, .info, .org, etc…)


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  1. I am new to this Network of Pro’s and I like what I see. I will keep this short and sweet, I am in Jacksonville, FL. My company is also a brand new start up please take the time to check us out. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter.


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