The Boston Music Conference September 2010

The Boston Music Conference (BMC) is a two-day conference that offers various educational forums, networking opportunities, and exclusive music industry events. The BMC will be held Thursday, September 24th and Friday, September 25th, 2009. The mission of the Boston Music Conference is to educate and empower aspiring talent and entrepreneurs by providing them with the information and tools necessary to pursue a career in music and entertainment.


Legal & Ethical Obligations of Musical Content Production & Distribution Companies

The main questions this article addresses are below: Do entertainment producers (especially record companies) have either a legal or an ethical obligation to control the violent, hateful or sexual content of their products, or is there something to be said for the concept of "giving the public what it wants?" What should the music industry's response be to criticism that tragedies such as the Columbine High School shootings and other grotesque acts of sociopaths are sometimes instigated, or perhaps just made more likely, by the lyrics of so-called Goth, Neo-Nazi and even Rap bands?

Price Discrimination & Vertical Integration in the Entertainment Industry

Price Discrimination In The Music Industry A clear example of price discrimination in the entertainment industry is iTunes’ tiered pricing. Since the launch of iTunes in 2003 all downloads were priced at 99 cents. The tracks purchased were all DRM protected. In early 2009, Apple introduced a 3-tiered pricing system. Although the majority of the … Continue reading Price Discrimination & Vertical Integration in the Entertainment Industry