Featured Member: CrowdBands “You Run The Label”

About Crowdbands Crowdbands is a crowdsourced, online record label and entertainment company.  Our community of members guides the company by voting democratically on decisions pertaining both to the label and the career decisions of our artists.   We launched in early January, and the first artist on our platform is the Donnas (see the accompanying … Continue reading Featured Member: CrowdBands “You Run The Label”


Why Every Musician Should Be Using Analytics

Over the past ten years the music industry has changed drastically. Record labels have lost substantial power in building, promoting, and sustaining artists’ careers. There are millions of independent artists, in addition to the vast amount of professional musicians, located throughout the United States. This sizeable amount of artists has made it increasingly difficult for … Continue reading Why Every Musician Should Be Using Analytics

The Boston Music Conference September 2010

The Boston Music Conference (BMC) is a two-day conference that offers various educational forums, networking opportunities, and exclusive music industry events. The BMC will be held Thursday, September 24th and Friday, September 25th, 2009. The mission of the Boston Music Conference is to educate and empower aspiring talent and entrepreneurs by providing them with the information and tools necessary to pursue a career in music and entertainment.