A Review of Jay-Z’s “Unplugged” Album

This is one of my favorite albums by Jigga Man himself....If You Don't Have It You're Seriously Missing Out! “Unplugged” contains songs from five of his albums: “The Blueprint,” “Vol.2 Hardknock Life,” “Vol 3. The Life & Times of S. Carter,” “Reasonable Doubt,” and “The Dynasty-Roc La Familia.” This release serves as a greatest hits album, performed live. Each song featured either charted in Billboard’s Top 200 or was Grammy nominated. As with all of his releases, there were guest features by prominent and up and coming artists (Mary J. Blige, Pharrell, and Jaguar Wright).

An Overview of The Recorded Music Industry- Market Structure, Major Players & Technological Changes

An Overview Of The Recorded Music Industry--Throughout the past 10 years, the recorded music industry has changed drastically. Illegal downloading has run rampant, physical sales have declined, legal digital distribution outlets were created, music became more portable, cellular phones became media outlets, and alternative revenue streams for artists and labels have been developed.