The Purpose of Music Criticism In Society

The Purpose of Music Criticism in Society Professional music critics are expected to provide insight to the public about whether new albums, live performances, and specific buzz and popular artists are worth checking out or not. It is the critics’ duty to sift through all of the artists that exist in the vast musical landscape and direct their readers to the best artists, so that they may focus their musical attention towards them. Critics are also expected to be informative and unbiased in their reporting, in order to provide an accurate depiction of the material they are reviewing.

A Review of Jay-Z’s “Unplugged” Album

This is one of my favorite albums by Jigga Man himself....If You Don't Have It You're Seriously Missing Out! “Unplugged” contains songs from five of his albums: “The Blueprint,” “Vol.2 Hardknock Life,” “Vol 3. The Life & Times of S. Carter,” “Reasonable Doubt,” and “The Dynasty-Roc La Familia.” This release serves as a greatest hits album, performed live. Each song featured either charted in Billboard’s Top 200 or was Grammy nominated. As with all of his releases, there were guest features by prominent and up and coming artists (Mary J. Blige, Pharrell, and Jaguar Wright).