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The Music Business Network’s CMJ 2013 After Party

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CMJ Done? Not just yet!!! Join us for our CMJ 2013 Afterparty & Networking Event!



Date:  Wednesday October 23, 2013

 Time:   7:00PM – 10:00PM

Location: Pranna Lounge (79 Madison Avenue at 28th Street)

RSVP: FREE with RSVP by 10/22/13  $5 at the Door

Who:   This event is open to those individuals who are currently working in the music industry (including those recently laid off), musicians, and all students of the music and entertainment industries.

Event Food & Drink Specials From 7:00 – 9:00

– Draft Beer $5

– Bottled Beer $6

– Signature Cocktails $8

– Wok Fired Bowls  $5

– 5 Types of Dim Sum $5


For More Info About the Venue Please Visit:


The New Music Seminar Is HIRING!!!

The New Music Seminar  is currently looking to hire Sales Team Representatives and a Promotions/Marketing Director. Job descriptions are posted below for your review and convenience.

Sales Team Reps

Microsoft Word - NMS Sales Team Job Description 2013.docx

Promotions/Marketing Director

Microsoft Word - NMS Promotions Manager Job Description 2013.doc Microsoft Word - NMS Promotions Manager Job Description 2013.doc

For more information please contact:

About The New Music Seminar

From the co-founder and director of the original legendary New Music Seminar comes a conference for the Next Music Business.  Artists have never had so much power to control their own careers and build their success. The New Music Seminar’s mission is to create a music business in which talent can rise to its highest potential based solely on its merit, without regard to its financial resources or connections. To help artists and their representatives achieve success. To create a new economic model that better rewards both artists, their investors and those in artist services. This affordable event gives artists and their representatives the knowledge, tools and connections to step into the tomorrow’s music business today.


20 Tips On Networking In Music Industry


There is no denying that whether you are a band, singer or an individual musician, you need the help of other people to have a successful music career. It doesn’t matter if you can play every instrument, sing all of the vocal parts and make great recordings all by yourself in your own studio. You still need fans to buy your music, people to book you, people to show up at your gigs, and maybe people to help with the business and legal sides of your business.

There are countless ways to meet the people you need. However, there are three rules that can help you be most effective in this arena:

  • Meeting someone in person trumps all other connections. Nothing compares to being able to look someone in the eye when you’re talking to them. You can learn a lot from a firm handshake, a person’s attire, his or her professionalism, his or her mannerisms and experiencing a personal chemistry.
  • The next best thing to meeting someone in person is being introduced to /and recommended by a mutual friend or business associate.
  • Meeting someone without following up is no better than not meeting them at all!

Where do you meet people? Everywhere! Here are some quick guidelines for effective networking, compiled by Indie Connect Magazine:

  1. Always be in networking mode. Be prepared to meet people who might be able to help you everywhere you go. You never know who you are going to meet or who they might know. Also, be aware that many times influential people won’t reveal who they really are until after they have gotten to know you. I know one person who got major label cuts because they sat next to the grandmother of someone in the band in a diner!
  2. Show Up. Put yourself in a position where you are always meeting people who might be influential in your career. Go to music industry networking events, join industry organizations, eat at the restaurants they eat at. Go to jam sessions, showcases and songwriter nights. Put yourself in the way of opportunity! You never know when you will have the chance to meet and/or help someone who can also help you, either now or down the road.
  3. No Gherming: Gherming is the Nashville term for seeing someone influential and throwing your CD or song demo in their face. There is a time and a place when politely asking if someone would be willing to listen to your music is appropriate. In an office, at a convention or at an industry networking event are examples of places that are appropriate. Interrupting someone while they are in a social setting such as a restaurant is usually not. Respect people’s privacy.
  4. Niche market your networking. Whenever possible, go to where the people you want to meet congregate. For example, you can meet people from all aspects of the music industry at Indie Connect meetings. You can meet potential co-writers and publishers at NSAI or other songwriter group meetings. You can meet college buyers at a NACA convention, and fair directors at one of the many fair conventions around the country.
  5. Give before you receive. Also ask how you can help the other person before asking for anything for yourself. Have a ‘servant’s heart.’ It immediately erases any thoughts that you care only about yourself.
  6. Tell your prospect exactly how you can help them. If you know that you can help someone, let him or her know. Make that all-important connection for them (if appropriate and if you are comfortable with it), give them accurate advice, tell them about helpful books or online resources etc. If you can help them in the future, offer that as well. You will get a reputation as a giver.
  7. Professionally ask for what you really need. If you have offered to help the other person first, chances are they will want to help you. Be honest, realistic and specific. ‘I just need a big break’ is not specific. “I am good at writing melodies, but I need to meet a strong lyricist to co-write with’ is much more specific and realistic. You can still be professional and not come across as greedy. Everyone loves to help. Give them the chance to feel good by helping you.
  8. Follow-up. Whenever you meet someone new, it is always good to follow up with at least an ‘It was nice to meet you’ email. Also, when someone refers you to someone else, be sure to follow up on that lead within 72 hours. It makes you look more professional, and you’ll be fresh on the mind of the person who made the introduction.
  9. Follow up with recognition for introductions. If someone refers you to someone else, be sure to thank them, thank them again in an email or with a personal thank-you note.
  10. Always carry business cards. Always! Did I mention ALWAYS? Not having business cards (professional looking ones) screams ‘I am an amateur’.
  11. Ask for referrals. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific referrals. If you know names, and you believe that the person who you just met might be able to connect you with them, go ahead and ask. However, here are the keys. 1) Don’t be pushy. 2) Don’t put the person who you are talking to in an awkward position. Tell them that you know that they rightfully guard their relationships and the privacy of their contacts, and you would never want to do anything to compromise them. Then ask them what they would need from you before they would make such a key referral.
  12. Save business cards and contact information. Be sure to keep all of your contacts organized. You never know when you’ll either need someone’s help that you met years ago, or finally have a good contact for that person years after you met. It’s also good to have this information when someone asks you for a referral and you know exactly who to send them to.
  13. Keep your promises! If you say you are going to call someone, do it. If you say you will make an introduction for them, do it. If you say you’ll meet someone at a specific time, be there. Do everything in a timely manner. Get the reputation as a man (or woman) of your word. People will be much more inclined to help you if they know you are professional and can be trusted.
  14. Be generous with your leads. Whenever possible, be open with your referrals. Of course, you should only do this when you feel 100% confident that you will not be wasting your connection’s time or jeopardizing your relationship with them. In other words, you probably shouldn’t introduce a mediocre songwriter to a top publisher. The more you help others, the more people will rally around you when you need help.
  15. Make personal introductions. If you have a connection for someone, take the time to make a personal introduction either by phone or email. The reason is that you are telling both parties that you ‘sanctioned’ the introduction. Nowadays many people lie and say ‘____ told me to call’ just to get past the gatekeepers, even though that referral was never really made.
  16. Reward good introductions. If someone introduces you to a contact that turns out to be a profitable or beneficial connection for you, reward him. This reward might be as small as a thank-you note, a gift basket, a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, or as large as a percentage of the income that resulted from the lead. Be fair. Once again, people will do everything they can to help you if they know that you are grateful.
  17. Find the centers of influence. Influential people often get that way because they are masters at networking. At any networking event or party they will be the one with the most people around them. Get to know them. They can lead you to a lot of other people who might be important to your career.
  18. Reinforce your brand. Whether you are attending a formal business networking events, a conference or just going to meet someone for coffee, present your brand as much as possible. Maybe you have a polo shirt with your band logo on it that looks appropriate. Maybe you are carrying a computer case with your logo on it. Make your logo your screensaver as well. Of course, I am not saying that you should walk around in a stage costume. You just simply want to put your brand in front of as many people as possible. It will also spark some people to talk to you because they know your brand, even if they have never met you personally.
  19. Initiate conversation. Get comfortable enough with talking to people that you can always take the initiative to begin the conversation. This serves 3 key purposes. 1) You can put the other person at ease right away with a warm greeting; 2) You get the reputation as a man or woman of action, and, 3) You meet more people! Complimenting someone on something they are wearing is a great way to get the conversation started. You may have a particular comment that you use as an icebreaker. I love to walk up to people and say ‘You look like someone important that I should know!” They can’t help but chuckle and introduce themselves! Approach people who are shy or are standing alone. If you are at a formal conference or networking event, don’t ignore the people who are sitting, eating or standing alone. They might be shy but can still be extremely important to your career. Not everyone with influence is comfortable at these events. If you make them comfortable, they will open up and help you in every way that they can.
  20. Never eat alone! When you are at a networking event, never eat by yourself. This defeats the purpose of being there in the first place! Sit next to someone or with people you don’t know and introduce yourself. You never know where it will lead.

Read more great tips on networking in the original Vinny Ribas‘ article on the Dotted Music website!


Atlanta Events: FAME XCHANGE Charity Concert DVD Series Live Taping


 You’re Invited To Attend The FAME XCHANGE Charity Concert DVD Series Live Taping in Atlanta, GA

FAME XCHANGE CHARITY CONCERTS invites you to be our guest at our LIVE TAPING in the “Hollywood of the South”, Atlanta, Georgia on July 2, 2011.  It’s a dynamic evening of FUN, LIVE PERFORMANCES, DANCING and INTERVIEWS BY THE POOL with great NETWORKING and exciting raffle PRIZES.  If you have any questions on how to  become a sponsor or participant feel free to give us a call at 678-389-6869.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday July 2, 2011

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

Location: Westin Perimeter North (7 Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328)

Event Itinerary:

  • 6:00P-6:30 – Meet and Greet
  • 6:30-7:00 – Live Performances (Recorded)
  • 7:00-8:00 – Poolside Interviews (Recorded)
  • 8:00-8:30 – Networking Mixer




FAME XCHANGE CHARITY CONCERTS INC is a non-profit corporation organized in the State of Georgia. Our purpose is to produce global CONCERTS and BENEFITS that provide QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT, FUNDRAISING and PUBLICITY opportunities for FAMILIES, PERFORMING ARTISTS/GROUPS, CORPORATIONS and SMALL BUSINESSES.




Event Page Link/ How To Register:



Ariel Publicity

Ariel Publicity/Cyber PR Feature Article: Learning How To Blog

Ariel Publicity/Cyber PR Feature Article: Learning How To Blog

One of the main things we encourage our clients to start is their own blogs and to blog regularly. The more regularly you create content for your site the better the odds are of getting visitors, because you create more keywords that people can find you with and search engines reward sites with fresh content – more on blogging in a moment.

Websites are no longer billboards; they now function much more like news channels.  Of course your blog can consist of band related activity but it is also useful to throw in a few posts about the bands personality which includes more personal posts about maybe your hobbies, charities you support, etc.

Since the blogging is usually totally new to artists I’ve been on a hunt to nail down a thorough how-to on writing blogging posts and the main key points that should be in each post.

I came across Conversify’s article written by Karen Woodward and found myself nodding to every point she made! Passing along this great article on How To Write a Blog Post.

How do you write a good blog post? There is a skill in writing for the web – people tend to skim, so you want to present your facts and your writing in a skimmable-friendly fashion. I call this “Making a blog post bloggy.” Here are some tips to writing a bloggy blog post:

1. Keep it short (about 350-800 words). Anything more than that and your audience will flee in horror at the amount of reading they have to do. Or if they have to read it, they will skim it even faster and miss everything you’re saying.

2. Keep it simple. Write in simply-constructed sentences with very clear writing. No excess words. One way to do this is to keep language positive and action-oriented. Instead of writing, “Don’t hesitate to email us,” write, “Email us.”

3. Break it up. People tend to skim in chunks, so write in small paragraphs that are divided by subheads. Long paragraphs scare off readers. Short paragraphs and subheads makes the blog post easier to skim and less daunting (especially if it’s more than 1000 words).

4. Add pictures. There is no set rule here, but consider adding a picture for every three to five paragraphs. People need a place to rest their eyes, otherwise they get bogged down in words and bored of reading. You may also find that a picture can better describe what you’re writing anyway, and then you can lose a ton of text!

(Never start a blog post with a picture. There should always be enough lines of text  –and keywords!– above the picture to make search engines happy.)

5.  Include links. Links serve many purposes:

  • They break up a long paragraph by providing a resting place for the eye.
  • They draw the eye to a particular paragraph, since the link will stand out.
  • Links share the internet love. If you link to another site, they may link back to you. That’s sharing the love, and making Google notice. (Read: Search Engine Friendly.)

Two things to remember about links:

When using links “hide” them under relevant text, to avoid clutter. For example, write “Check out our events calendar for more information,” not “Check out our events calendar for more information:”).

Don’t be “link happy” (including links whenever, wherever) because that looks sloppy. Only use them when appropriate, i.e. to  guide the user to an action, for more information, or for attribution.

6.  Start with a hook and end with a call to action. You want to grab the reader immediately, supply information, and finish with a next step (even if that step is just asking the reader to think about something).

7. When writing about an event, go in this order: When. Where. How. Always write out the date (“June 17,” not  “6/17/11”), and include the day of the week if the event is coming up within a week. For example, “The band is playing on Friday, June 17 at The House of Blues. Buy tickets at Ticketmaster.” (The link to Ticketmaster is under the word “Ticketmaster.”)

8. People love lists and bullet points. They’re easy for people to skim and grab the take-aways of a blog post.

9. If you have a word, phrase, event name, etc that you want to highlight, then put it in bold, or a different color to set it apart from the other text. Do this sparingly, or it will lose its impact.

10. Tag and categorize your posts (if possible). This makes your blog post search engine friendly, so other people can find it. There is no set rule here, but consider three to eight tags and one to two categories.

11. When you’re finished writing, look back over your post and think, “Is this what they want? Have I provided all the information? What else might they want to know?”


Get Your Music Featured On Chicago College Underground Radio

What We’re Looking For:

College Underground Radio is playing and generating exposure for some great artists/bands. You can be one of them. College Underground Radio will expose your music to over 13,000 monthly listeners and web visitors in more than 100 countries.

How To Get On Their Playlist:

Go To: and click on “Get On Our Playlist” upload your song for consideration there and sign the release on the site. (at this point if its good radio quality and features no explicit language, we can probably get you on. We’re really eager to get some new bands heard!

We’re also looking for bands to donate t-shirts and CDs for contest giveaways! It’s great exposure!!! Holler at us for more details!




About College Underground Radio:


The best variety in music and entertainment.We broadcast worldwide commercial free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

College Underground Radio is playing a variety of unsigned or slightly signed, undiscovered underground artists/bands in addition to mainstream artists. We are opening markets for unsigned bands and artist to expose them to the world.
Our mission to become your go to internet radio station. We pay attention to our listeners and website visitors suggestions, ideas and requests. The playlist focuses mainly on your band and song requests and suggestions. It is our intent to create an internet radio station that you not only want to listen to but, would want to refer to your friends.
College Underground Radio was founded early in 2010 and went live March 1, 2010. Since then we have exploded onto the internet radio scene and have grown to thousands of monthly listeners and website visitors in more than 100 countries.

August 2010, College Underground Radio became the first multi-unit Internet Radio Station Chain in the world with the opening of local internet radio stations. Through our listeners and website visitors input, we continue to grow and build an exciting radIo format and concept that does not exist in the radio world.

Contact Info:

Steve Hurt – General Manager


Educational Information: Musician Coaching Newsletter From Rick Goetz

Spring 2011 Musician Coaching Newsletter From Rick Goetz

Featured Article: Brooklyn Vegan

Music blogs can be really important for artists that want to get their music and their unique stories out there and continue to grow their fan base. And if you live in New York City, play music yourself or even just follow the music scene, you have likely heard of BrooklynVegan, a mostly New York City-focused blog that provides access to international music news, reviews of live shows, photos, tour dates, general gossip, MP3s and videos.

At the end of April, I got to sit down with contributing editor of BrooklynVegan Fred Pessaro to talk about his own experience in the music industry, and his role at the blog and in the local New York City music scene . He also shared some useful advice for musicians who want to get covered by music publications.

To read my full interview with Fred, click here.


Featured Company: Rhapsody

When you’re thinking about making your albums and individual tracks available to your current and future fans, which services do you choose? As you’re choosing multiple places to release your music, let us recommend you check out Rhapsody, the subscription-based digital music service that lets music fans choose to listen to a catalogue of millions of songs from anywhere, whether on their computers at home or on their mobile devices. The company has been around since the early days of internet music, starting as in 1999 and eventually becoming Rhapsody in 2001. And it’s grown from a service offering 30,000 tracks to one that now provides subscribers with millions of songs, ranging from those recorded by DIY artists, to those from indie artists and artists on major labels.

I recently chatted with David Krinsky, Head of Label Relations and Business Development at Rhapsody, who talked about the history of the company, qualities that set it apart from other music services and some initiatives Rhapsody is taking to help out DIY artists. Click here to read the full interview with David.

Featured Artist: David Choi

A native of L.A., David Choi is a singer, songwriter and producer. You may have heard his music on major channels like NBC, FOX, VH1, MTV, A&E, E!, Travel Channel, Style, PBS, Food Network and the Disney Channel. He has also managed to work on creative projects with companies like Kelloggs, Starburst, American Cancer Society and Samsung. David was chosen in 2004 by David Bowie as the grand prize winner in his Mash-up contest. Shortly after, he won the USA Weekend Magazine John Lennon Songwriting Contest for teens and appeared in USA Weekend alongside Usher.

David Choi is an amazing example of a DIY artist that has used YouTube annotations, playlists and embedded links to connect to existing fans and continue to turn new people onto his music. In fact, on YouTube, he has amassed over 720,000 subscribers and has had over 85,000,000 video views. In 2008, he produced and released his first album, Only You, followed in 2010 by his second album By My Side. To learn more about David, including an in-depth story of how he got started in the music industry, visit his website. You can also listen to a sample song on YouTube below.



Rick Goetz’s Musician Coaching Services

  • Coaching I can be hired to provide a diagnostic of your existing business and make suggestions on how to improve your business and advance your career.
  • Marketing Plans I can be hired to create a detailed marketing plan for your upcoming release or tour.
  • Product Management  I can be hired to act as the head of a “pop up” custom record label for artists who wish to retain control of their rights.  This involves not only the creation of marketing plans but the execution of these plans as well as leveraging my relationships to create and close opportunities.  Depending on budget and client’s needs this process may also include the hiring of other specialists such as radio promotion and publicity.
  • Corporate work SEO, SEM and marketing for businesses of all sizes.  Click Here  for more information.

Please Contact me for rates.


Exclusive Release Party & Performance: Jasmine Solano & Machine Gun Kelly

Monday! Jasmine Solano’s “TURN IT UP” Video & Single Release Party! Hosted by Vashtie & Angela Yee!

Brooklyn-based DJ and rapper Jasmine Solano announced today the release of her second single and music video, “Turn It Up,” off her upcoming EP due out early this summer. Featuring Chicago’s own wunderkind Hollywood Holt and produced by the legendary Junior Sanchez, “Turn It Up” boasts a uniquely unparalleled hybrid mix of hip-hop, boom-bap, and skate-punk genres, leaving little to be desired and never disappointing. On Monday, Jasmine Solano hosts a screening and release party for a hand selected group of media Professionals & personalities, fashion models & Stylists, Actors & Musicians, etc.

RSVP for this event by using the Eventbrite links below or at

Register for Jasmine Solano's  TURN IT UP  Video & Single Release Party w/ Hollywood Holt! Hosted by Vastie & Angela Yee! in New York, NY  on Eventbrite

Sunday! Jasmine Solano performs with Machine Gun Kelly, Live at the Grammercy NYC!!


For more information about Jasmine Solano visit:

Shameless is a full-service entertainment company that provides musicians and creative talent business management, consultation services, marketing and touring.

For more on Shameless
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On The Blogs: Ariel Hyatt’s Top 5 Most Viewed Sound Advice TV Episodes

On The Blogs: Ariel’s Top 5 Most Viewed Sound Advice TV Episodes

1.) Derek Sivers & Ariel Talk About “The Pitch”

2.) Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 1 – Idlers Vs Builders>

3.) American Idol Contestant Big Mike is a Cyber PR® Artist!

4.) How YouTube Star Tiffany Alvord Became A YouTube Star

5.) What is the Value of a Cyber PR Campaign?


Giant Step May 2011 Marketing Update

MAY 2011

Welcome to the latest edition of Giant Step’s marketing update. This newsletter is where we share some of our latest company developments and of course some of the newest and most exciting music.

To contact Giant Step directly just send us an Email.

The Bowery Presents: An Evening w/ Seu Jorge and Almaz  FRIDAY, JULY 30  Terminal 5, New York NY

HBO: Treme Season 2 Launch

To promote the new season of Treme, HBO asked Giant Step for some fresh ideas. Our resulting integrated campaign comprised a special day party at SXSW, a real New Orleans Second Line parade through the streets of Austin (TX), a Treme iPhone app (the NOLA culture guide) and some very special videos we filmed with Treme fans such as Common, Duran Duran and Mark Ronson. Yeh-ya-right!


The Bowery Presents: An Evening w/ Seu Jorge and Almaz  FRIDAY, JULY 30  Terminal 5, New York NY

Focus Feature Screenings: Hanna and Beginners

We are continuing our series of exclusive movie pre-screenings with Focus Feature. In April we screened Hanna, directed by Joe Wright, starring Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett, followed by a very special Q&A with Hanna’s talented lead actor Saoirse Ronan. In May we will bring you Beginners, with Ewan McGregor, followed by a Q&A with director Mike Mills. May 26th, 8pm, Cobble Hill Cinemas, Brooklyn (NY).


The Bowery Presents: An Evening w/ Seu Jorge and Almaz  FRIDAY, JULY 30  Terminal 5, New York NY

Gaga in the Sky

Giant Step took to the air to announce Lady Gaga’s new single and album, skywriting over both Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Coachella out in Indio, CA. We’ve been gestating Gaga’s new Born This Way project across multiple platforms, and wanted to make a splash so big that nobody within miles could miss it.


The Bowery Presents: An Evening w/ Seu Jorge and Almaz  FRIDAY, JULY 30  Terminal 5, New York NY

Daft Punk & TRON: Legacy

We continued our long history of marketing Daft Punk by once again donning our helmets in support of their acclaimed soundtrack for Disney’s TRON: Legacy film. We kept the wheels turning both on- and off- line as the remix album R3C0NF1GUR3D took off this Spring. The overall campaign has been a wild ride; between all the publicity, listening events, music servicing and street promotion, it’s amazing that our bodies aren’t glowing!


The Bowery Presents: An Evening w/ Seu Jorge and Almaz  FRIDAY, JULY 30  Terminal 5, New York NY

Boombox Series With Jessie J Hits 3 Million Views

The first installment of The Boombox Series, a creative partnership between Giant Step and Arcade44, has emerged as a runaway hit. Featuring UK shooting star Jessie J the video has generated over 3 million views to date. For the video series Giant Step finds bold emerging artists willing to throw themselves out there – performing their songs supported only by a boombox.


The Bowery Presents: An Evening w/ Seu Jorge and Almaz  FRIDAY, JULY 30  Terminal 5, New York NY

More Music Marketing Success

2011 has been an exciting year for our music marketing projects, with highlights including Adele’s deservedly chart-topping 21 album, Esperanza Spaulding’s Grammy triumph, Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and a steady stream of stunning releases from established and emerging artists, such as Raphael Saadiq, Sade, Marsha Ambrosius, Femi Kuti, Les Nubians, Jessie J and many more.