The Best Music & Business News Recap – Week of 5/2/16

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Must Read Music & Business Articles From Last Week

Music Business News:

  • The Best Music & Business News Recap (Week of 5/2/16)–
  • Live Nation & Hulu Partner For Virtual Reality Concerts–
  • Music Festivals: Revenue For Event And Host City Is Staggering–
  • How Music Piracy Is Completely Changing In 2016–
  • How Live Music Can Save Itself From Disruption–
  • 2 Acts In Congress Could Make It Easier For International Acts To Tour The USA–
  • Apple Music To Get Major Overhaul Next Month, Beats To Add Stations–
  • Back To The Future: Old Music Is Selling More Than New Music–
  • One Band Confronts Music Industry Barrier With Unique Working Wage Revenue Model–
  • How Big Is The Music Business, Really?–
  • Live Nation To Launch Massive $20 Concert Ticket Fire Sale–
  • Days After Prince, Little Richard Is Clinging to Life–
  • Happy Birthday Damages Now Approaching $19M–
  • Youtube Makes Changes To Its Heavily Criticized Content ID System–

DIY or DIE ~ What You Need To Know To Succeed In The Music Industry:

  • 5 Money Tips for Financial Success–
  • 5 Tips For Touring Smarter–
  • Musicians Guide To Integrating Video Into Your Music Marketing–
  • Eventbrite Partners With Teespring For Easy Event Merch Sales–
  • Radar Awards Wants Your Music Videos–
  • 7 Easy Fixes That’ll Make Your Band Look Better On Social Media–
  • Touring Details To Go Over With Your Manager–

Streaming Music:

  • Does Boycotting Spotify Work?–
  • Why Cover Songs May Never Be Streamed Thanks To New Rules At Spotify & Apple
  • What People Are Listening To On Their Smartphones–
  • New Experiences Like Video & VR Can Save Streaming Music–
  • Neil Young: All 57 Albums Can Now Be Streamed In Lo-Fi On Tidal–
  • Apple Music Hits 13 Million Subscribers–
  • Spotify Becoming MySpace While Apple Music Becomes Facebook–
  • YouTube Says 2.5% Of Its Traffic Is Music Related–

General Career & Business Tips:

  • 5 Easy Organization Tips for Musicians That Make a Huge Difference–
  • 7 Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Business–

Social Media & Marketing Tips:

  • 5 Marketing Tips for Reaching the DIY Generation–
  • 9 Ways To Build Your Mailing List & Sell More Music Online–
  • Reaching Millennials Using Billboards At Music Festivals–
  • YouTube Is Getting Google’s Material Design: Here’s How To Enable It–
  • Should You Rebrand? 10 Questions Must Ask–
  • Turns Out Millennials Have Amazing Musical Attention Spans–

Other Important News:

  • 4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the New Trade Secrets Law–
  • Lessons From Prince & His Struggles With Digital Music–
  • Music Startups Named Midemlab 2016 Finalists–
  • Lawyer Fighting Led Zeppelin Cited For Unprofessional Offensive Behavior–

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