The Best Music & Business News Recap – Week of 4/25/16

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Must Read Music & Business Articles From Last Week

Music Business News:

  • The Best Music & Business News Recap (Week of 4/18/16)–
  • Final Words From Prince: Stop Stealing My Music–
  • Prince Fans Pay Tribute Buying 1M Tracks, 240k Albums In USA–
  • Sony Seeks $750,000 After Fake Evidence Emerges In Lawsuit–
  • Led Zeppelin Is About to Win Its Stairway to Heaven Case–
  • Judge Assigns Administrator For Prince Estate–
  • Beyoncé’s Lemonade & Prince Dominate Mid-Week Chart–
  • Ticketfly Scores 2 Big Wins In New York City–

DIY or DIE ~ What You Need To Know To Succeed In The Music Industry:

  • Why Every Musician Needs A Website & What It Should Include–
  • Artist Images: A New Chapter In Revenue–
  • 3 Tips for Building Relationships With Hip Hop Bloggers–
  • How To Take A Headshot That Reflects Your Personal Brand–
  • How To Make Money From Your Music On YouTube–
  • Emmerge Mixes Email With Task Management on iOS–
  • Don’t Waste Money on a Lawyer: 5 Legal Steps for Every New Artist–
  • The Best Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs–

Streaming Music:

  • What a Record Label With 2.5M YouTube Streams Actually Earns–
  • Beyoncé Lemonade Release Available For Download On Apple Music, Amazon &, GooglePlay–
  • One of MTV’s Biggest Stars Says YouTube Exploits Musicians–
  • Can Rhapsody Survive Against Spotify, Apple, Tidal, SoundCloud & Google?–
  • Spotify Slams Tidal Saying Streaming Music Exclusives Are Bad For Fans–
  • Apple Music Hits 13 Million Subscribers–
  • Tidal Exclusives Causing Major Piracy Craze–
  • Spotify Acquires CrowdAlbum–
  • The Contract Songwriters Are Signing With Spotify–
  • Streaming Music War: Apple Music vs. Spotify–

General Career & Business Tips:

  • Your Mindset Helps Ensure Success In Your Music Career–
  • Music Business Growth Hacking 101: READ If You Are Serious About Your Music Career–
  • Things Which Separate Career Musicians From Hobby Musicians–
  • 7 Resources For Finding A Job In The Music Industry–
  • 7 Self-Defeating Psychological Habits That Stymie Success–
  • What’s Working in Indie Music Today: Lessons In Success from New Artist Model–

Social Media & Marketing Tips:

  • 4 Key Snapchat Marketing Secrets From DJ Khaled–
  • 7 New Tools That Will Streamline Your Marketing Campaigns–
  • 3 Social Media Fan Scenarios That Musicians Get Wrong–
  • How Long Should A Teaser Video Be?–
  • Know About Live Video Social Media’s Latest Craze–
  • If You Use Bandcamp Or Soundcloud You MUST Tag Your Music–

Other Important News:

  • Compulsory Licenses Must Require Display Of Songwriter Credits–
  • Prince Observations–
  • What Record Stores Will Look Like In the Future–

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