The Best Music & Business News Recap – Week of 4/18/16

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Must Read Music & Business Articles From Last Week

Music Business News:

  • Coachella Files Lawsuit Against L.A. Marketing Firm For Scalping Wristbands–
  • Bombshell Emerges In “Stairway to Heaven” Plagiarism Case–
  • 10 Years of Music Industry Change In 10 Seconds Or Less–
  • An Independent Release Is #1 Album In USA–
  • Record Store Day 2016: What Was Hot, What Was Not–
  • Top Vinyl Sales: Record Store Day 2016–
  • Bandpage Adds AllMusic Integration–
  • Shazam For Brands wants to be the catch-all QR code of the future–
  • Facebook Launches Its Version Of Content ID–
  • Prince Dead At 57: Icon Passed Away Suddenly– 
  • How Prince Pioneered The Fight For Independence From Record Labels–

DIY or DIE ~ What You Need To Know To Succeed In The Music Industry:

  • Key Questions To Get The Most Out Of Your Live Event–
  • Want To Get On The Cover Of Rolling Stone? Follow These Tips–
  • 8 Common Ways Small Businesses Waste Money Marketing–
  • Content-Release Tricks From 4 Video Streaming Giants–
  • Finding An Audience In The College Market–
  • Get An Honest Opinion Of Your Music–
  • 8 Unusual Options For Booking Live Shows–
  • Ten Rules For Musicians On The Road–
  • Self Evaluation (Quiz): Are You Set To Succeed In The Modern Music Business?–
  • Design 101: How To Make Great Graphics Without Design Skills–
  • 7 Questions to Ask Freelancers Before You Send Them Work–
  • 5 Simple Ways To Become More Involved With Your Local Music Scene–

Streaming Music:

  • $15M Reasons Not to Launch a Streaming Music Service– 
  • SoundCloudGo Launch Leaves Unanswered Questions–
  • Sony/ATV Signs Multi-Territory Deal With SoundCloud–
  • Kanye West & Tidal Sued Over Life of Pablo Exclusive–
  • Why Prince Hated Spotify YouTube SoundCloud AppleMusic Deezer & Rdio–

General Career & Business Tips:

  • The 4 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job–
  • Why Rushing Actually Slows You Down–
  • The 3 Most Important Phrases In the Entrepreneurial Vocabulary–

Social Media & Marketing Tips:

  • When It Comes To Social Media On Mobile There’s Facebook & Everybody Else–
  • Best Post Times: Facebook & Twitter 2016–
  • 7 Insider Tips And Tricks For Musicians On Facebook–
  • Social Media Is Too Important To Be Run By The Marketing Department–
  • 5 Steps To Creating An Effective Music Marketing Plan–
  • Facebook Changing Your Timeline Again: Tips To Save Your Traffic–
  • 9 Powerful Ways to Use the Pareto Principle in Marketing–
  • Integrating Your Digital & Offline Local Marketing Campaigns–
  • Facebook Live: 6 Best Practices–

Other Important News:

  • House Passes Bill To Sabotage Net Neutrality–

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