The Music Business Network Changes

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Website Re-Development Information

What We’ve Been Doing:

  • We have been re-developing our website in order to improve member experiences and assist you in furthering your careers.

Why You’ve Been Waiting So Long For Our New Site To Launch:

  • We had many site developer personnel changes
  • Each developer utilized different methods in developing the new site (causing us to start from scratch with each developer change)
  • Developing a membership website takes a lot of time and is extremely difficult! Our Executive Director (on top of everything else she does) has been tirelessly developing this site.

When The New Site Is Launching:

  • The new site is still under development – If you would like to see real-time site development updates visit this link
  • The full site will launch in Q1 or Q2 of 2016
  • We are beta testing during development

What You’ll See On The New Site:

  • Educational content,
  • Increased ability to interact with members and connect in a much simpler manner,
  • Additional “Members Only” Discounts,
  • Topic Specific Forums & Discussion Boards for you to ask questions and engage in the community,
  • Event Calendar that lists all major music business and member events (ranging from conferences to shows and workshops),
  • Much, much more….

Note: If there are any specific kinds of content that you’d like to see on the new site please contact us! We are open to suggestions because our company is all about helping you!

Membership Fees:

  • You can join today by becoming a beta tester for the site (contact us for additional information),
  • We will be imposing an annual membership fee upon the relaunch,
  • All current members will be grandfathered in and will not be charged the new membership fee for their first year.

Our LinkedIn Group:

  • We were processing membership applications via our LinkedIn group page,
  • LinkedIn changed group settings and no longer indexed and is completely private,
  • You are no longer able to request to join (unless you request to receive a direct invite from Kathryn N. Sano).

Networking Events

What’s Been Going On With Our Events?

  • It has been a while since we’ve hosted our last networking event (we did this intentionally)
  • Upon our site’s relaunch we will be bringing back our monthly “Music Connect” networking events

Thank You For Your Continued Patience While We Undergo These Changes!