In Memoriam: Harvey J. Rosen

Rest In Peace Harvey Rosen

We are very sad to announce the sudden passing of one of our members, Harvey J. Rosen, (of 441 Records). Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his family, friends, colleagues, and everyone he’s touched throughout his life. Harvey was an absolutely wonderful and amazing man.



About Harvey Rosen ~ Written By Kathryn N. Sano

Harvey held a special place in the hearts of all he touched. He was one of the first people in the music industry that I met when I moved down to NYC. We were introduced (prior to my move to NYC) through a mutual music industry connection. He helped me learn more about and gain experience in the recording side of the industry by connecting me with one of the best recording studios in the world (Avatar Studios). His knowledge about the music industry (the way it used to be, its current state, and everywhere in-between) was unparalleled. One of my favorite qualities that Harvey possessed was his undeniable passion to help others. He was a major player in the music industry for decades but he was always humble about it (which is extremely rare in this industry). Harvey was always willing to talk and listen to you, teach you something about the industry, lend insight into how things used to be vs. how they are now in the industry (from a variety of different perspectives).

I learned much of what I know about the realities of the music industry from him. While I was working at Avatar Studios, before he left for the evening, Harvey would always make sure to come to the reception desk to say hi (if I hadn’t already seen him) and/or wish me a good night. We would talk about his business (441 Records), my business endeavors and schoolwork (as I was attending N.Y.U. for my M.A. in Music Business), how the music industry has changed over the years, and how to truly succeed in the music industry.

I’ve passed down many of the tips and tricks of the trade that Harvey taught me through those conversations to all of you through my articles, posts, and conversations you may have had with me. He has always been an inspiration, supporter, and great mentor to me. Even if you never met Harvey or spoke with him directly, you knew him. You knew him because I passed the knowledge and insights he gave me down to you. Harvey is what The Network is all about. Helping others succeed. He will forever be remembered by all of those who had the privilege of knowing him and we are all indebted to him for the knowledge he passed down.  The world has lost a very wonderful person and on behalf of The Music Business Network and all of our members we extend our sincerest sympathies to his family, friends, and fellow colleagues.

~ Kathryn N. Sano



Avatar Studios has set up an “In Memoriam” Page on their website if you’d like to express your condolences or share some of your favorite memories about Harvey.


Memorial Service Announcement:

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday September 19th at 12pm. The service is being held at 95 Old Country Road Melville, NY 11747. Please pass the word around to help the family in reaching those who might like to attend.