KRS-One, Talib Kweli, and K’NAAN – Beat The World Soundtrack Releasing 6/14/11


You Got Served: Beat The World Original Soundtrack – Releasing June 14th


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More than just another film soundtrack, Beat the World is the coming together of some of the world’s most prominent conscious Hip Hop artists as part of a vision to build new social paradigms through music and film.

When Somalian born new-school rapper and World Cup ambassador K’NAAN joined forces with one of Hip Hop’s most respected founding fathers, KRS-One, to record the film’s title track “Hip Hop Nation”, they were on a mission: to represent the positive voice and power of the world’s largest music-based cultural movement – Hip Hop.  In addition to creating an original voice for Beat the World, they created an anthem for the evolution of the global Hip Hop movement.

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“Hip Hop Nation” both drives the action of the film and emphasizes a shared underlying theme: we are all equal and united under one global movement, using music, dance and creativity to breakdown borders and stereotypes that may otherwise divide us.

Hip Hop Nation – KRS-One feat. K’NAAN and Lina Watch Here:

Other notable collaborations on the soundtrack include the heroic “Infinite Love,” featuring top British rapper Sway together with the renowned lyrical wordsmith Talib Kweli, and the multi-lingual world-beat dance track “Must Be the Music” performed by Les Nubians (France), Lina (US) and MV Bill (Brazil).

Digital review copies are available at your request as well as producer Frank Fitzpatrick is open to interviews and Q&A’s about bringing together such notable group of artists to create this project.

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