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TINA is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, tabla player, writer, dancer, and actor that has been touring worldwide since the age of five. Recently featured on Style Network’s hit show “Jerseylicious”, she is about to make her mainstream breakthrough with her new single “So Good” featuring Fat Joe. The video for “So Good” received 30,000 views in it’s first week, which is extremely rare for an Indie Artist. “So Good” is an instantaneous, catchy pop hit that is guaranteed to make listeners feel “So Good”!

TINA – Born in Mumbai, raised in New Jersey – music has always been an integral part of pop sensation TINA’s life. Singing and performing since 5 years old, she had an early start with a very musical family who toured as a professional group on weekends.

While her family may have been a traveling, touring act to a degree, the importance of academics and family values was instilled by her parents. School was always an integral part of TINA’s youth – yet after graduation, the young scholar set aside an honors biology degree and being accepted into an accelerated medical program to follow her passion for music.

Since then, the rising star has been on a musical journey experimenting in a few different genres – complete with having worked with everyone from Ringo to Fat Joe. No stranger to the spotlight, TINA has been on camera for everything from musical touring to media interviews, to acting in dramatic soap operas to Indian comedies to VJ-ing a show for three years that was broadcasted in 150 million households around the world. TINA is currently very excited about her rebranding with a sexy new image and hot edgy urban pop sound.

Like many breaking artists who are likened to their successors, TINA often gets compared to Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, as well as mega talents Prince and Shakira because of her multi talent ability to sing, dance and play multiple instruments. She plays several instruments with guitar and tabla (an Indian drum) being her main focus.

TINA has surrounded herself with an impeccable team of supertalents, both on the creative and business end. For her single, “So Good”, superstar Fat Joe is a featured guest. The song itself is a timpani driven high energy pop track with an infectious synth driven chorus, seductive both literally and figuratively, with Fat Joe chiming in to add his praise for TINA’s playfulness. The track is the masterpiece of the stellar musical pair of Charlie Hype and Jim Beanz of Timbaland Productions (Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake). Written by Jim Beanz, the innovative “So Good” track was produced by Charlie Hype, which proves to be a perfect match for the sensual, exotic beauty. This collaboration of talent finesses the art of musical seduction.

Acclaimed director Paul “Coy” Allen (Faith Evans, Katy Perry, Drake) lends his expert vision to “So Good.” Shooting for two overnight sessions (since both the bank robbery and nightclub scenes had to be done at night) the rapport could not have been better and the result is a stunning visual piece of eye candy. The striking appeal of the video attracted popular Style Network reality show Jerseylicious to participate and include the making of the “So Good” video in to one of their upcoming episodes.

The singer is shunning the old school ideology of shopping the album around, to instead release it through her own production team – Sunset Entertainment Group. With the industry changing so much, an artist has the resources to do so much more independently than in the past. Of her do it yourself movement, TINA says “I’m not trying to make an anti-record label statement with this album, but with this unstoppable team on my side this is an opportunity to actively make things happen, instead of the waiting game of them happening to you!”

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