Artist Profile & New Release: Psykick Holiday – New Album: Forever Pop Noir

PSYKICK HOLIDAY are British cult record producer Russell C Brennan (AKA Russell Writer) and Swedish vocalist Joannaa Tschig.

Guest collaborators include Japanese hit artist Pop, hit Polish singer Pola, Bootleg Beatles drummer Hugo Degenhardt, ex-Goldfrapp guitarist Gavin Molloy amongst others.

Russell started the Cult Themes trend in the UK helping to break many new artists as well as revive the careers of a few million selling ones. He also wrote and produced cult artist Eleanor Rigby (who still sells daily) He was one half of seminal Ska band ‘Ministry of Ska’, and is the published author of Music Business Bastards.

He was listed on one website in the top 20 most innovative record producers of all time on one website and is often likened to Joe Meek. He has produced 250 tracks commercially released worldwide including the no.1 hit ‘You only live twice’ By Eleanor Rigby.

Preferring to stay on the cutting edge Russell has invented a few music genres, including Ska Surf, Electronic Espionage and the most exciting being ‘Pop Noir’, which has a Jazz /Punk attitude, classical ambience, sexy/gritty lyrics and an overall filmic feel as expedited by Psykick Holiday whose music is sometimes likened to a combination of Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Kate Bush , Bjork and The Doors.

Russell pioneered the pop noir style through the Themes and Box Office Poison, and a few years’ later bands like Goldfrapp and Mono came out with similar sounds and style.

The bands first release were two tracks on the Album ‘The Themes Bond….James Bond’ with The tracks ‘A View to A Kill’ & ‘The James Bond Theme’. A deal with Polydor fell through and album was download only but ‘A View to a Kill’ proved a best seller after Bond fans said it was one of the best covers. Since then fans have been asking ‘WHERE CAN I BUY’ CD not just download of original material.

A controversial dance single ‘Sex on the Internet’ was released as a download also but as it didn’t portray the bands main style of music they failed to promote it too much not wanting to be lumped in as just a dance band.

The Bands debut album of Original material ‘Forever Pop Noir’ was finally released in the fall of 2010.

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