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About Crowdbands

Crowdbands is a crowdsourced, online record label and entertainment company.  Our community of members guides the company by voting democratically on decisions pertaining both to the label and the career decisions of our artists.


We launched in early January, and the first artist on our platform is the Donnas (see the accompanying press release).  We are actively looking to add more artists to our roster, and we have several in the pipeline.


We seek to redefine the traditional record label model and to shake up the industry’s take on artist development and artist-fan interaction.  Find out more about us and our mission here.


Join the Crowdbands Community

We are turning to you – the members of the Music Business Network, the current and future music industry professionals, the die-hard music enthusiasts – to contribute your knowledge and passion to what we are trying to accomplish.  We know that you are taking an increasingly active role in discovering and connecting with artists, and we want to empower you further.  We want you to make active career decisions for our artists, and for our company itself.


Gain valuable music industry experience, play the role of a record label executive and join our community.  Read more information about membership privileges, and join Crowdbands today!


The Donnas

The Donnas are an American female rock and roll band formed in 1993 in Palo Alto, CA when all four band members were in eighth grade.  The current lineup is Brett Anderson on lead vocals, Allison Robertson on guitar and vocals, Maya Ford on bass, and Amy Cesari on drums.


The Donnas have released eight albums to date, and are currently in the recording process on their newest album that is due out this summer.


Donnas Photos and Videos:

Press Coverage

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Crowdbands, LLC

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Tom Sarig, Co-Founder: ts@crowdbands.com

Peter Sorgenfrei, Co-Founder: ps@crowdbands.com

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