Spring Internship Opportunity: Jungle Lion Entertainment/Indelible Inc. Music Management – Brooklyn, NY

Jungle Lion Entertainment/ Indelible Inc. Music Management Engineering &  Digital Marketing Internship – Brooklyn, NY

Type of Internship:

Full Time Unpaid Internship  (For Credit Only)
Internship Requirements:

Please send resume and c/v letter describing why you feel this is the right internship for you.

You must be skilled and proficient in: Pro Tools, Logic Pro
Internship Description:

We are currently looking for engineers who have expressed interest in entering the promotional sector of the business (separate from the technical side) We are looking for someone who is  proficient in social media, a quick learner, people friendly, and someone who can assist with administration and web development/maintenance duties.


About Jungle Lion Entertainment/Indelible Inc Music Management:

Indelible Inc. is a collective consisting of producers, singers, songwriters, lyricists, and multi-instrumentalists all with varying influences. We had come together in agreement that with the right team and the right chemistry, success is inevitable. The team consists of 7 multi-talented professionals whose hard work and ability speaks for itself. In the most early stages in our pursuit, we’ve been able to lay down approximately 120 tracks of original content  just shy of 8 weeks. Much thanks goes to featured artists Reddablack of JaLion$/Jungle Lion Entertainment and Young Da Historian, of Y-Me Era Productions, whose efforts had assisted in expediting our progress immensely. Much respect goes to Alpha State, Jon Cortes, DJ Chima, Rothface, Brooklyn Beats, and Black Diamond$. Special thanks goes to Snipe Won of Cold Knight Productions and Tron of Certified Trackz. Keep a close eye on these professionals. They may surprise you.


Company Contact:

Jon Cortes – (646)750-3272  (*preferred method of contact)


– OR –

Redda Black Brown – (347) 265-7035 (*preferred method of contact)