Booking A Winter/Spring 2011 Show At Fat Baby NYC

Here is the booking process for arranging your Winter/Spring 2011 show at FAT BABY.

Booking Process

  • Send your request  (via email) with the following information:
    • Band Name
    • Contact Information
    • Home Town
    • A link to your music (MySpace or your Website)
    • Desired performance dates (send 3 or 4 dates),
    • Expected draw, and
    • If you can or cannot help book other local bands for the requested nights.

Open Sets

Fat Baby has just begun booking Winter shows and have many open sets right now! Read below for more information.

Fat Baby is giving priority to bands/bookers/promoters who can bring in a full line up of at least 3-5 bands. If you have trouble inviting other bands let them know so they can help out. Please add a link to your music if you are requesting to be booked.

Open Dates:
  • February –  13, 14,  21, 27, 28
  • March – 2,  6 , 7,  13, 14, 16, 17 (17th is St. Patricks Day so must be appropriate to the holiday) , 20, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30
  • April 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30
  • May- wide open except for the 20th
There are many open dates for April and May please just get in touch if you want to plan that far ahead.  For all open dates we’re looking for bands/bookers/promoters who can bring in at least 3-4 bands per night. If you need help finding bands let Volkan Eryaman know.  Weekday shows can go on as late as you like and Friday and Saturday shows have to end by midnight. All shows are 21+.  Band members and managers get 1/2 off drinks all night.
BACKLINE: We recently bought a brand new Fender 212R frontman guitar amp and an ampeg bass head and cab.  We have a house drum set but you need to bring your own snare, kick pedal, clutch and cymbals. We have a PA, monitors, 4 mics, XLR cables (no 1/4 inch) stands and 2 DI boxes.



We would like bands and promoters to be able to come to us with a full line up of at least 3 bands.  If you need help let Volkan Eryaman know and he can contact other bands. Below is some information that provides you with an incentive to set up full line ups on your own.

Cover charge at our shows are normally $7 but this is really up to you.  We take the first $70 made at the door per band/1 hour set.  If you book at least 3 bands altogether then we will lower this to $50 per set.  You keep all other profits.  We ask that you don’t put more then 1 out of town band on the bill unless you are absolutely confident that they can help bring in a draw.  We also ask that each band be able to bring in at least 10 people.  If this might be a problem let Volkan Eryaman  know in advance so maybe you can work something out.

We also want to accommodate out of town bands as much as possible so all out of town bands that can fill up a bill with other LOCAL NYC bands will have their overhead cost waived and can keep 100% of their door sales. Its not hard to find other NYC bands, you just have to do some research.  You can even go to the fat baby myspace and search through the bands that are friends with us, and then search their friends as well.  This is a great way to easily fill up a bill.  Find one band you like and ask other bands on their top friends list if they would like to join.  Please DON’T send any requests to our MySpace page because we don’t check those messages.



Volkan Eryaman with any booking requests or suggestions:

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Fat Baby NYC –