Xmas Black & Blues Free Download!!!

Dear friends, family, colleagues, collaborators, and fellow burning hearts.

I trust that as we approach the end of yet another mad sprint around the Sun, you are warm and very much near your sources of love.  I write you today in the sprit of the season, whatever shape or identity that may contain for you.  I write you, to offer you a gift.


I spend much of the year locked in my little room with various musical instruments, basic recording apparatus, and my meek abilities in the ways of music.  As much as I would love to buy you all something you desperately need, alas, my purse and cast can not allow such extravagance.  So left with empty hands, I extend to you the one thing I have that I can share in earnest. My art.


I spent the past few weeks writing and recording these two songs to give to you. I only hope that you do not see this action as a sign of vanity, but rather as an offering of love. May the last days of 2010 bring you joy and solace, may 2011 bring you fortune, and may your life forever intoxicate you with love and tranquility.


clink the link below to download:


Yrs. In Theory

Johnny B. Azari