uPlaya/Hit Song Science Holiday Discount & Customized Benedetto Guitar Give Away


uPlaya is offering a special holiday discount to anyone who upgrades their uPlaya account before January 31st, it really is a great deal. We’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m not sure if we will be doing it again. If it’s something you may want to take advantage of, I don’t want you to miss out 🙂

You can get 15 Additional Song Uploads for any kind of upgrade as long as you upgrade before January 31st. With the new subscription options at uPlaya, that means you could get analysis and promotional tools for 17 more songs for just $25.

There are now two ways to upgrade your uPlaya account:
1. Premium – analysis and promotion for 2 additional songs for six months for $25
2. Premium Plus – analysis and promotion for 15 additional songs for six months for $90

Artists who upgrade to either of these Premium options before January 31st will get 15 additional song uploads.

About the Premium Services:
• Get more song uploads (in addition to the first 2 free uploads. If you upgrade by January 31st, that’s a total of 19 songs with the Premium subscription and 32 songs with the Premium Plus)
• Receive Hit Song Science™ scores (immediate response), an Album widget to market your music
• High-scoring songs receive Auddy Awards, which can be easily shared online to help promote you on all major social networks
• Songs are promoted in marketing widgets that are distributable globally online
• Choose four songs to stream live samples of on your uPlaya® Press Kit (UPK), as well as access to other press kit extras
• Your songs may appear in our interactive applications, such as the uPlaya® Facebook Applications and the music discovery games. Check out the Facebook Games right now! http://apps.facebook.com/uplaya-games/
• Deepen relationships with fans through customizable tools, like fan newsletters, that enable you to communicate and engage fans. “Become a Fan” buttons are now on all of your promotional tools.
• uPlaya® now has a suite of interactive tools and dashboard for music consumers to discover your music, so be sure to tell all of your fans and friends to sign up as one of your fans!
• Gather more information about how people are reacting to your music online with uPlaya’s new and improved statistics dashboard. Check your stats daily to see how many people have seen your promotional materials and clicked the “Like” button, the “Info” button, the “Buy” button, and the “Become a Fan” button on all of your marketing tools, including promotional widgets, press kit and games.
• Your music is eligible to be placed in the uPlaya Music Blogger Portal that features music bloggers reviewing and writing about music (http://uplaya.com/about_hss/aboutblogs)
• Your music may be discovered by our Sync partners who need music for films, commercials and advertising pieces
• Your music is up for review by the uPlaya® Team for LOTS of possible promotions, including the Featured Artist Page on uPlaya.com, the uPlaya® Blog editorial series, the “Up-and-Coming Artist of the Week” promotion on uPlaya’s Facebook, the uPlaya® Twitter feed, and the uPlaya® Newsletter. Some of the promotions just mentioned will also be syndicated to our bookmarking sites, including Delicious, StumbleUpon and Digg.  The more music you have uploaded, the more content for us to fall in love with, so upload your own favorites today!
• You have a better chance to be approached by uPlaya® for a digital distribution deal because more of your music and content will be in the Music Universe® to be evaluated and discovered
• Receive contest tickets for 15 of your uploaded songs, which can be entered into Music Universe Contests and Talent Searches with uPlaya partners. Past contest partners include MTV, Yallwire, AllHipHop, Urban Latino, and American Songwriter. For a list of the current uPlaya® Contests, click here: http://uplaya.com/contests/ (see applicable terms and conditions of each contest for more details

*Lastly* – Do you know of an artist in need of a new guitar? We are also giving away a hand-crafted, customized Benedetto guitar to one artist as our current ongoing contest. You can learn more about this at http://www.uPlaya.com/contests