Wooing Your Fans – Dating Style

As a new band you have to act like you are dating your fans. What i mean by this is that you have to: intrigue them, keep them entertained, and make them want to see you again. Your music needs to “grab” the fan and leave a lasting impression just as you would with any person you would potentially want to have a romantic relationship with.

Just like when getting in to a relationship you need to know who you are  before making a commitment to the other person. Once you know who you are only then can someone be able to connect with you on a deeper level. As a musician you need to know your sound and personality and especially know how to let it shine through to your fans so that they may connect with you on a deeper level. Fans desire an emotional connection with their favorite artists. Give it to them by allowing them into your life and letting them connect with you on that deeper level.

Below are some tips about how to woo your  fans:

1.) Allow them to learn as much as they can about you. This means when they type your band’s name into any search engine all relevant social networking sites, your website, and reviews about you should appear. REMEMBER before anyone will purchase your music or come to your show they want to know who you are.

2.) Give them a reason to come back. Your fans/potential fans have been able to find out as much as they’ve wanted to know about you now, they need a reason to interact with you/keep interacting with you. You want to drive them to listen to your music, purchase it, and come to your shows. Entice them with a free sample (a free digital download for example). Just like when you go out on a date you put on your best outfit and make sure you look stellar. Well….you can’t do that with your fans per se but you can give them a sneak peak about what is behind your mask. Make them want more….make them want to see or hear you again.

3.) Don’t force your relationship with them. Let your fans explore you…they’re intrigued and they know who you are at this point. If they are feeling your vibe they will check you out. Don’t force yourself upon them by sending ridiculous amounts of emails to them, constantly messaging them on FB, MySpace, or Twitter…..let your relationship grow naturally. I’m not saying DON’T communicate with your fans … I’m just saying don’t bombard them with messages (that’s a great way to piss people off and have them not be your fan anymore). If you don’t force yourself upon them, those potential fans will gravitate towards you and will become ambassadors for your brand (a.k.a. they will tell other people about how awesome you are).

4.) Make sure every encounter with you is excellent. Make sure your music is always mixed and mastered properly (no one wants to hear a great song that has terrible sound quality). Make sure that your live show (including acoustics and stage presence) ALWAYS wow’s them. Make sure your website and social networking sites are interactive and meet their needs, wants, and musical desires (analytics helps you to understand if they are getting what they want from you). Lastly, make sure that you make yourself available after shows or before shows to talk with/hang out with your fans. They LOVE you show them that you LOVE them back. REMEMBER: If they have one bad encounter with you (in any way) they will most likely not be your fan anymore.

You can learn a lot from applying successful dating strategies to the band/fan relationship. Think about your dating style and apply it to your band’s marketing strategy…..it WILL help you in the long run. Also look at what you’re doing (music wise) and ask yourself, “would I want to date me?”