NYC Events: Don’t Miss The 5th Anniversary of The Jelly NYC Pool Parties

Throw on your mirror shades and bust out your squeaky old rollerblades because THE POOL PARTIES are back! We love you! We missed you. Really though we’re so glad we waited to announce and weren’t included in that L Magazine guide to blowing it all summer. Was that not the worst?

The phones have been ringing off the hook all year… “when are you guys announcing?!” Hey, right now. It was tough holding out, but really what is the difference? This is going to be a fun summer, right? We would like to thank our supporters, partners, and most of all our staff for working so hard to make this year happen right! Free should always be for fun.

On this site you will find links to all of the crap that tells you what we’re doing.

The first show July 11th was… DEER HOOF & XIU XIU PERFORMING JOY DIVISION’S UNKNOWN PLEASURES, WHY?, FANG ISLAND, & PICTUREPLANE! But you already knew that, right?

This week we have a few bands you may have heard of… Cap’n Jazz, Lightning Bolt, No Age, and our neighborhood friends The Death Set! Get there early!!! Johnny Sierra promised an epic performance, and for Death Set that could mean anything. Thanks for making our Sundays awesome!


About The Pool Parties

In 2006, The Pool Parties became the first concert series to take place in the then abandoned McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, drawing capacity crowds of over 7,000 every Sunday. The series grew and grew over the following years, in notoriety and scope, until it had to be relocated in 2009 to its current 10,000 capacity home on the Williamsburg Waterfront.

This year, The Pool Parties celebrates its 5th year anniversary, having transformed from a local Sunday ritual into an internationally acclaimed summer phenomenon that over 500,000 patrons have traveled across the globe to experience first hand. We invite you to join us in celebrating 5 years of awesome talent, amazing crowds, and COMPLETELY FREE shows, with an anniversary lineup that is sure to blow everyone away!


About Jelly NY

JELLY supports projects and campaigns of the highest artistic quality that resonate across the lines.

Jelly is a full-service creative, marketing, events and promotions company. We build national campaigns and experiences through unique lifestyle, entertainment, fashion and nightlife programs.

Jelly is located in the heart of arguably the cultural epicenter of the country: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We live and work here because our community thrives here and like our community, we pride ourselves on original thinking and ideas.

In 2006, Jelly created the groundbreaking FREE Pool Parties concert series in what was once the largest functioning swimming pool in North America, the McCarren Park Pool. Working to create a unique atmosphere and a weekly hangout for the Williamsburg crowd, the Pool Parties quickly grew to become the biggest summer event series to hit NYC in decades, with over 8,000 people attending every week and press coming from every outlet. The series grew over the following years, in notoriety and scope, until it had to be moved in 2009 to its current 10,000 capacity home on the Williamsburg Waterfront.

From there, Jelly went on to curate heralded events at SXSW, Coachella, the CMJ Music Festival, Pop Montreal and Noise Pop, as well as influential concert series’ and shows in unique spaces (such as a functioning Masonic temple and under the Highline tracks). Once people began catching on to Jelly’s unique ability to bring in the best and brightest in both talent and audiences, the company was tapped to create marketing campaigns and events for some of the most well-known and respected brands to date.

Through the many platforms that Jelly has created and the audiences, both locally and nationally, that they have entertained, Jelly’s name has become synonymous with great programming.


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