Free Download: Check Out Keys N Krates New Remix Track

Check Out Keys N Krates’ New Remix Track of Dan Black’s Hit “Symphonies”

Here is a previously unreleased remix we did of UK artist Dan Black’s hit “Symphonies.” It’s featured as the soundtrack in this video interview of us rocking a party for Smirnoff a little while back. You can download this track along with all of our new remixes, live jams, and live remixes, NOW from the NEW Download.KeysNKrates Site!

Plenty of more ish coming around the corner for you to get your ass dancing to. We hope to see you out at the next show in your city.

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Keys N Krates’ Bio

WE RE-INVENTED THE REMIX!!! Simultaneously representing the raw soul of live instrumentation, manipulation of turntablism and the progressive technology of Electronic Music, KEYSNKRATES are officially here to bridge the gap. Previously having toured the globe on individual musical conquests Dj Jr. Flo, Matisse and Adam Tune formed KNK to collectively reinterpret and breathe new life into music.

Expressing his artistry through a set of turntables and recognized with innumerable accolades and a dedicated following, Jr. Flo brings the band a dynamic energy and style that only a certified turntablist and partyrocker DJ could provide.

With the ability to create surreal soundscapes and innovative melodies, Matisse brings an unmatched element of soul to the group.

These distinct elements of composition backed by the infectious, hard hitting rhythms of the charismatic Adam Tune, have proven KNK to be one of the most fun and fresh live show out there. They’ve received rave reviews from online publications such as the Virgin blog, Urb Magazine, Killahbeez, and Frank 151 to name a few.

The self proclaimed “Live Remix” artists are something to be both seen and heard.
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