Book: Their Love Of Music – A Photographic Journey of Musicians

Their Love of Music is a book of amazing musician portraits created by Steve Azzato.  In Their Love of Music photographer Steve Azzato has captured the essence of the creative spirit in the faces and words of the musicians themselves. Featuring portraits of 117 artists, the book takes a slightly different approach to music photography than typically seen. Steve was able to sit with a wide range of musicians and explore what drew them to their art. He was able to hear it in their voices and record it visually in his images. In the simple quiet of a green room, without the crowds or bandmates or tour managers, Azzato’s photographs transcend the chaos of the stage and the intensity of the studio to reveal the inner spirit that drives each of his subjects. From grizzled veterans to kids just starting out, folks who play stadium shows to unpaid openers in small clubs, jazz to blues to rock to roots…what unites them all is in fact, their love of music. He has assembled a collection that is unrivaled in its intimacy and expression.

The foreword is written by musician and newsman Lester Holt. The list of artists is an eclectic assortment from all genres of music, and their words are varied and at times deep, at times funny and always interesting.

This book is destined to be a favorite of those who love photography, those who love music and those who love great books.

The book will be released on 10/1/10 but folks can pre-order now at a 25% discount via the publisher (Quiet Light Publishing)…

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  1. That’s my extremely talented brother Stephen! What a magnificent book. I am so proud of you pursuing your dreams. Can’t wait to get my copy of “Their love of Music”

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