WARNING: A Note from the NYU Music Business Program ~ Don’t Work for Monet MGM or Monet Artist Management

A few weeks ago I received an email about how Monet MGM, also known as, Monet Artist Management, has not been paying its employees. Below is the email that I received, from the head of the Music Business Graduate Program at NYU Steinhardt, regarding this company and their failure to pay employees. Please note that Monet MGM is NOT a company that The Music Business Network is associated with. This posting is a warning to all current job seekers.

This is The Email I Received:

One of our alumni contacted me this week to tell me that a company they had been working for (with a few other Music Business students) is in fact a fraud, and misrepresented itself to us — including the use of a false name for the person who is head of the company. The company name is Monet MGM or Monet Artist Management — please do not respond to their announcements of part-time jobs. Our students contacted this company, have been working for the company, but are not receiving the promised compensation.

Please note that we have not encountered this situation before, and I’ve been at NYU handling this type of company request for 15 years now. We sent out the message from Monet MGM to our listservs in good faith, and now alert you to this situation.

The alum who contacted me this week to report the problem provides two pieces of advice which we now pass along to you:

1. The website to check company registrations in New York State: http://appext9.dos.state.ny.us/corp_public/corpsearch.entity_search_entry

2. Be extra cautious in working for start-up companies as there are inherent risks that the company does not have sufficient funding to meet their obligations and the company may mis-represent itself to appear more established than they are and to attract part-time workers.

Please remember that this is a very rare occurrence, and we hope that this will help everyone avoid problems in the future. Many opportunities come from our alumni, and those we know we can count on. We thank you for continuing to provide our current students with work experience and mentoring!

Best wishes,

Dr. Catherine Moore

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