Notes From Artists: The Gulf Of Mexico & BP Oil – (Johnny B. of Electric Black & The Dirty Pearls)

Dearest lovers, friends, family, and soul shaking explores,
The past two weeks of my life have been consumed trying to make some kind of wave is this ocean of madness.  I have lost my mental and physical health attempting to awaken a few dead minds, summon sleeping souls, and move bodies to a specific place and time. I feel I have succeeded in this endeavorer.  I would like to offer the fruits of my labor unto the plate of your consciousness.
This website is a protest against the horror continuing still in the Gulf of Mexico.  A few lovely souls and I hit the streets for a week spreading word about a protest we wished to have at our local BP station. Though the protest was a success, making appearances in such news outlets as CNN, Fox, NY1, The Huffington Post, and others, we feel the longevity of our effort would be best settled in art.
Thus we turned all of our activism work into art. In our website you will find a music video, free mp3 download, and a host of pictures about the event.  The music video is a work by my band Electric Black in collaboration with Tommy Mokas from Casa Nova studios.  We hope it gives you a visceral look into the horror so readily ignored, and encourages you to get angry and spread the message. Please share this website with your world, so they know someone somewhere is trying, and maybe that knowledge will inspire them to do what they can. If you have press contacts to forward to that is extra sexy.
Also, so I don’t bother you with two emails, if you are in NYC on Friday i would be honored if you come out to Electric Black’s final show for a long a time. info below.
Peace, love, and fuck BP
Yrs. Truly
Johnny B.

Electric Black’ s next show:
June 4th, 9:00pm
Canal Room
West Broadway @ Canal