Our Valued Affiliates & Business Partners

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We have worked out exclusive deals with select affiliates and are currently working on developing more partnerships with other companies to ensure that our members get special discounts, access to exclusive content, and other items and opportunities that will help to advance their music careers. More details will be available upon our site’s relaunch. If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliates, please contact us directly at: 



About Dotted Music:

In a seemingly over-saturated music industry, Dotted Music focuses on being connected to the latest news, innovations, and trends in social media; marketing trends; and the music industry as a whole. Dotted Music is a prominent player in the music marketing and music education industries. Whether you’re an unsigned artist or a band from a major or independent record label, they offer a highly personalized, wide array of music marketing services that helps connect artists to newer audiences and continually expand their fan base. Dotted Music’s “Stand Above The Noise” interview series along with their newsletters, industry updates, and free e-books helps keep all individuals involved in the music industry stay connected and educated.




About Break The Crates:

Break The Crates is a music database designed to promote new music singles to radio stations nationwide. Singles are distributed along with special edits, remixes, acapellas, clean, and intro versions. They distribute high quality mp3s which are tagged and Serato-ready. They provide feedback to record labels and artists who own the rights to the music.  To maintain credibility, only qualified DJ’s and producers are granted access to their site.


More Information About Our Partnerships Will Be Released Soon.