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The Music Business Network is an organization dedicated to connecting entertainment industry professionals, students, and musicians with the services that they need in order to succeed professionally. The Network facilitates the connection between individuals who are in need of services to Network members who supply the services they need. The Music Business Network also provides consulting and marketing services. The goals of The Network are: to provide networking opportunities (through its networking events and panels), to build upon and compliment individuals’ existing networks, to assist in advancing individuals’ career goals, to provide real time industry news updates, and to create an extensive community of like-minded individuals.

The Music Business Network was initially created in December of 2008, as a response to numerous NYU music & entertainment industry students’ requests for more music business networking opportunities. After its creation The Network opened up its doors to entertainment industry professionals and companies, driven artists/musicians, and all students of the music and entertainment industries. Since its inaugural event 20+ networking events (including 4 DJ showcases and 2 digital networking events) have been hosted throughout Manhattan and New York State’s Capital District (Albany, NY). Currently 4,000+ individuals (from 52+ countries) are members of The Music Business Network.

The Network is an exclusive and private entertainment industry networking, career development, and educational service. Prospective members must meet the following criteria: be an entertainment industry professional or company, student of the music and/or entertainment industries, or a musician; have a demonstrated passion for, skill in, and knowledge of the music and entertainment industry; want to actively participate in the growth of theirs and others’ respective careers; possess strong written and verbal (English) communication skills; be outgoing and personable; and have strong relationship management and interpersonal skills.

Applicants are admitted after extensive evaluation and investigation of personal information submitted to The Network during the registration process. Only companies and industry professionals are screened for membership (to ensure a high level of quality of products and/or services offered and delivered to other members). Our review process is holistic, meaning we consider many factors when evaluating each membership application. Not all individuals will qualify for membership and The Network reserves the right to deny any individual or company membership


About The Founder & Executive Director of The Music Business Network–Kathryn N. Sano:

Kathryn Sano

Learn more about Kathryn N. Sano by visiting her LinkedIn Profile



Music Business, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Efficiency, Project Management, Event Organization & Promotion, PR, Artist Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Analytics



The Following Are Select Ethical Principles That Guide Kathryn N. Sano’s and The Music Business Network’s Behavior:

  1. Don’t lie.
  2. Don’t cheat.
  3. Don’t steal.
  4. Say what you mean & mean what you say.

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